A picture is worth 1000 words
— Fred R Bernard

The Context

Photography is more crucial to the promotion of business than it has ever been… the power of visual communication has rocketed with the rise of digital and social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc (See our recent Social Media Blog for more info).  It is proven that photographs and images are far more likely to engage your potential customers then text alone making it necessary to include imagery on your website and printed marketing materials to help get your message across.

The Challenge

Whether it's a website, brochure, product packaging or even a post on your blog, photography is everywhere. Visuals of your brand ARE how you are representing yourself to the world. Often times a business will spend $10,000 on a website but when deciding on image selection, they dig up their low resolution photos from 15 years ago to go on their home page. This is like cooking a gourmet meal with the finest and purest ingredients only to dump a pile of lard on the finished dish before serving it. That may sound harsh but it's unfortunately true.

The Way Forward

Marketing is all about communicating your value. Tapping into commercial photography is an excellent opportunity to create a message for your business that makes you unique. Instead of relying on boring stock photos, the smartest businesses are looking for photographers to capture images that will help evolve their brand and tell a visual story of who they are.

So Now What?

Photography can make or break your marketing campaign. Whatever product or service you sell, think about how you are coming across to your customers. If you look cheap, expect people to start by asking, “how much?” If you convey quality, you will attract customers who value quality AND are willing to pay for it. Our team brings to the table trained photographers can help you curate content for your marketing campaigns.

If you’re interested in getting started but aren’t sure where to begin—give us a call or contact us below below!.

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