digital audit

Quality is everyone’s responsibility
— Deming, W. Edwards

The Context

As digital world continues to explode more organizations are recognizing it's importance within the marketing matrix. In order to develop strategy and allocate resources business leaders, need to understand how important optimal functionality is to their existing digital initiatives.

The Challenge

In the digital sphere there are so many outlets that any business must own in to thrive online ie Yelp, Facebook, Website, Local Directories etc. Not only must these spaces must be claimed but they must be consistent and up to date. Launching a detailed full fledged multi channel audit is time consuming. Often companies take for granted that everything is connected and functioning properly just because it's live. Missing out on the opportunity to audit their mediums, rank themselves against their

The Way Forward

A great way to ensure all your web spaces are current and properly functioning is to conduct a digital audit – a study of your brand’s digital presence (on its own and in relation to your competitor set).

So Now What?

We've pioneered a comprehensive digital report card that will not only rank your digital presence across all your digital media, it will also access your top competitor. If you don't inspect what you expect, how will you know what opportunities for growth or competitive market advantages you have in your digital presence.


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